About Us

Evangelina Cadena


Evangelina Cadena, is the founder and owner of Evangelina Designs since 2010 established in San Diego California.

Eva (as her friends call her) began her career as a designer in 2007 sketching for the world famous Alma Latina. She attended Mesa College’s Fashion program for 3 years to follow her dream of starting her own business as a dancing fashion designer.

“As a dancer I was looking for comfort, fashion and ability to move freely on stage. My passion for all the type of dances made me realize how difficult it is to find the right clothes to perform, and my idea to combine my two biggest passions began Dancing and costume designing!” Eva Cadena

Evangelina Designs prides itself in providing a clothing line for dancers by dancers that is both comfortable and stylish with costumes ranging from jazz to aerial. The company uses spandex based material with a satin glow to give a freedom of movement but also the shiny fashion look that all dancers love. Every design is custom made for each client.


“The main thing is to make the customer feel comfortable, beautiful and happy wearing our garments by bringing the best feature forward”



Evangelina Design has provided fashion statements for the following well-known companies and individuals:


  • Majesty in Motion
  • Alma Latina Mexico
  • Alma Latina San Diego
  • Que Rico LA
  • Rhythmic Fusion
  • Fortezza
  • Jennifer Piazzo
  • Jennifer Stein
  • Valerie Olivas
  • Karla Blanco
  • Shani Mayer
  • Ivo Viera
  • Jennifer Silvas
  • And many more…

“Music and movement is my inspiration as a designer”